NRA™ Hunting Tradition Rifle


After the success of our NRA™ licensed 1911 Anniversary pistol in 2011, we were excited to introduce our NRA™ Hunting Tradition rifle in 2012!

Hunting has always been an important part of the American tradition. Whether you are the teacher or the student, hunting is a way to connect to those around you, as well as nature. Built on a Mossberg 4×4- and available in six of the most common calibers out there- this fully-functional rifle has been designed to showcase these connections. This edition is limited to 100 numbered, fully-functional rifles for each state.

Based on the Mossberg 4×4 bolt action rifle, this rifle is one of the finest available on the market. It starts with a free floating barrel, and a new trigger system. This is one of the best rifles Steve Faler, the owner here, has ever shot. It features the Mossberg Lightning Bolt Action system, and has an excellent trigger pull. Out of the box, you also get an American Walnut stock, with special weight-saving cuts in the forearm. There is an excellent Monte Carlo cheek piece, thick rubber butt pad, fluted barrel and muzzle brake. With the guns Steve and his friends shot hunting, recoil is a minimum and accuracy was superb. With a .338 magnum one of his friends kept less than 1” groups, and said the recoil was about the same as his Browning .25-06!

We bring in the base Mossberg, and the magic begins. It is taken apart and completely stripped and buffed. The metal goes through an intense buffing process, taking a blued part down to the stainless steel beneath. From there, all parts are reblued with a high-quality bluing, then engraved and plated in nickel, gold, and/or bluing. The stock is also upgraded; the original finish is sanded and buffed, then covered with a new high-gloss finish that truly highlights the engravings on the wood. Each rifle also includes a handmade, French-fitted case to display or carry your rifle in.

The artwork throughout the rifle focuses on the large game that we all want to go hunting. Moose, whitetail, bear, bighorn and mule deer are found throughout the stock. Elaborate scenes of elk and antelope are found on the receiver. The forearm tips also have well known tracks engraved on the forearm. The rear of the right side of the stock has a typical big game hunting scene, where a father is taking his child out and is about to bag his first whitetail buck. As any father can tell you, nothing makes you more proud than watching your son or daughter do what you love to do the most.

Each rifle is designed and built with that hope that you will take it out and shoot it. We are proud to have a product that is both beautiful and functional. You are fine to go out and shoot it. Hunt with it. Enjoy it with your kids and grandkids. We truly hope you enjoy this rifle and use it to the fullest.

Available In:

  • .338 Win. Mag
  • .300 Win. Mag
  • 7mm Remington
  • .270 Winchester
  • .30-06 Springfield
  • .25-06 Remington

Mossberg 4×4 Bolt Action Rifle

    • 24” fluted barrel with muzzlebrake & matte blue finish
    • LBA® Adjustable Trigger System
    • Walnut stock with Monte Carlo Cheek Piece (Only right hand available)
    • Weaver-style scope base mounts included
    • Weight: 7 pounds
    • Detachable polymer box magazine
    • Capacity 4+1
    • Magnum caliber capacity: 3+1