Second Amendment Foundation Pistol


Since the Second Amendment Foundation was founded by Alan Gottlieb in 1974, the organization has played a major role in courtrooms nationwide defending the right to bear arms. Their mission is to promote our constitutional heritage and right to own and possess firearms. Due to their ongoing fight to defend and support gun rights, American Legacy Firearms has joined with the Second Amendment Foundation, and together we have created the Second Amendment 1911 Pistol.

Built on a 24kt gold plated, fully functional Auto Ordnance 1911A1 .45ACP, each pistol sold supports the Second Amendment foundation to keep fighting for the right to bear arms! Pivotal cases that are related to gun rights – such as U.S. vs. Emerson and McDonald vs. Chicago – are featured on the pistol. Both the slide and frame are plated with nickel accents. With the edition number placed on the left grip, there will only be 100 made for each state. Several states have already sold out, including Texas and Wyoming. Call and order yours today!