Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Are the firearms functional?
Can I get a different gauge/caliber?
Does it come on another platform?
What is the difference between a serial number and an edition number?
How many guns will you be building?
How much gold is on the firearm?
How is the engraving done on the wood/metal?
Do you make the gun?
I bought a firearm that’s a city heritage edition; is this the only firearm you’re doing for this particular city?
Can I get a personalization on the firearm I ordered from ALF?
Where does the value of the firearm come from and why does it take so long to produce it?
Can I get custom work done on my personal firearm?
I am a previous client of yours; do you offer coupons or discounts?

Payments & Purchasing

Do you have a catalog or more information you can send me?
What’s the process for ordering a firearm?
What is your layaway? Are there other ways of purchasing your firearms? What about charging any interest/late fees?
How long do I have to pay for it?
Am I able to cancel my order?
What type of payment will ALF accept?


Can you ship the gun directly to my house?
Where can I get my gun? Do I have to pay an additional fee when I pick it up?
What is the time frame for my firearm’s production?
Do I have to pay anything else in addition to shipping?
Do I have to do a background check?
When my firearm is finished with production, how long will it take to arrive at my gun dealer?