Chambersburg Heritage Shotgun


Chambersburg Heritage Shotgun

Situated just outside of Caledonia State Park and proudly serving as Franklin County’s seat, the borough of Chambersburg is enriched with a long and colorful history. It owes much to its natural beauty and historical sites, making it a special place in southern Pennsylvania. Founded in the early 1730s, Chambersburg is known for its involvement during the French and Indian War, Whiskey Rebellion, and Civil War. Wanting to celebrate this rich history, American Legacy Firearms is producing the Chambersburg Heritage Shotgun to hand down to the next generation.

Built on an Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight, this firearm is fully-functional and only 10 will be available in this edition! Ithaca is one of the most trusted firearm manufacturers in the country, and American Legacy Firearms guarantees that each shotgun will last for generations. Ithaca is producing custom serial numbers specifically for American Legacy Firearms; that makes your firearm more valuable! This 24 karat gold-plated shotgun is currently available only in a 20 Gauge. It’s a pump action with 26 inch barrel and high visibility fiber optic sight. The stock and pump are made of American walnut and have the solderless barrel system. The shotgun ejects from the bottom of the receiver allowing both sides to be fully engraved. All three chokes (full, modified, improved cylinder) and choke wrench are included. Each engraving is specific to Chambersburg’s history. They emphasize the things that make your hometown so special and unique. This shotgun will be a treasured heirloom for your children, your grandchildren, and beyond! In addition to your shotgun’s value, an upgraded French-fitted case with velvet interior is available. Call and order yours today!

*This shotgun is sold out!*