The American Farrier’s Rifle

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The American Farrier’s Rifle

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To master the skills of a farrier, it takes a unique person who can work with such beautiful creatures. A farrier must be able to earn the loyalty and trust of their clients as well as that of each individual horse.

A horse’s performance solely depends on the workmanship of their farrier. Whether the farrier cold shoes or hot shoes, keeps up with the routine winter trims, or shoeing for equestrian shows; it talent, skill, and knowledge to assess and care for each individual horse’s orthotic needs. To become a master of such a trade takes much dedication, commitment, strength, and patience. An art that refuses to die; once was passed on through family and military; we now have schools that specialize in this skill set that will certify today’s Farriers. These schools have the wisdom to know the right approach with new procedures and traditionally hold on to what has been tried and holds true throughout the decades.

American Legacy Firearms proudly presents: the American Farrier’s Rifle. This Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum captures this very sentiment with art engraved in the forearm, grips, buttstock, and the beautiful receiver finished in silver plating. What a great firearm to be able to pass down from generation to generation. Call to order yours today!



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