Founding of America Rifle

$1,995 - Brass $2,495 - Gold

Founding of America Rifle

As I walk on this majestic earth in our beloved country, I feel the sureness of the ground beneath my feet and I realize deep within that I am a part of this. I am free. Life, liberty, and property as fundamental rights are real revolutionary ideas. Our forefathers had enough foresight to see me and to see you- the future generations of this country. They created an ideal opportunity for families to flourish through hard work, determination, and initiative. They fought hard for us. We see evidence of their work when we read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and other founding documents. When we honor them with symbols like the Liberty Bell and the Gadsden Flag, they live on through us.

Their vision for this country has been passed down through the generations. Understanding the meaning of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness is what life is all about. We teach our children these values with hope in our hearts that they will continue our legacy. These esteemed ideas motivate us all to build better lives in our country and prompted us to step up and introduce the Founding of America Edition.

This rifle encompasses some of the most meaningful events and symbols from the founding of the United States. The ability to own and carry a firearm is a deep right in this country; it is only fitting that we mark it with our values. Built on a fully functional Henry .30-30 lever-action rifle made in the USA, the engravings etch our place in history. With a unique inlay showing one of the earliest Patriots, the Founding of America rifle can be handed down to the next generation. Call today and make the Founding of America rifle part of your legacy.



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