Michigan Legacy Rifle

Michigan Legacy Rifle


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Whether you know it as the car capital of the world, the Great Lake State or simply the state shaped as a mitten, Michigan has placed itself into the history books. With achievements such as the Mackinac Bridge, it is only clear that Michigan has made an impact that extends far beyond its borders. Michigan is home to an abundant amount of wildlife through its success in conservation. From the flocks of waterfowl, woods filled with deer, to the lakes that are plentiful with fish, some could say it is a sportsman’s paradise. To capture its heritage, American Legacy Firearms is proud to introduce the Michigan Legacy Rifle.

With Michigan being the 26th state admitted to the Union, it is only right that we produce 26 numbered rifles. This limited edition, engraved lever action rifle showcases the legacy through the artwork. Every scene was hand drawn to portray the values of Michigan. This rifle is the ultimate gift for collectors, enthusiasts, retirees, or simply those who have placed their roots in the area. Call now for this exclusive firearm for they will not last long.