NRA™ Hunting Tradition Rifle

  • NRA Rifle - on sale now!
  • NRA Rifle - on sale now!
  • NRA Rifle - on sale now!
  • NRA Rifle - on sale now!
  • NRA Rifle - on sale now!

This product is no longer for sale.

NRA™ Hunting Tradition Rifle

After the success of the NRA licensed 1911 Anniversary Pistol, American Legacy Firearms created the NRA Hunting Tradition Rifle in 2012. It was the second edition to the NRA collection. Hunting has always been an important part of the American tradition and culture. We understand that nothing makes a parent more proud than watching their son or daughter do what you love most. Hunting is also a great way for you, your children, and grandchildren to connect with nature. We hoped that you and your family will cherish this rifle with each generation.

Built on the Mossberg 4×4 with a capacity of 4+1, this fully-functional firearm was offered in four great calibers. It featured a Mossberg Lightning Bolt Action system and has minimum recoil. The artwork engraved was depicted with beautiful scenes of large game that we all enjoy hunting. It was plated in 24 karat gold with nickel accents and built on an American Walnut stock. It had a free floating barrel and a new trigger system. This edition was limited to 100 numbered per state. A French-fitted case could be purchased along with it.

This unique rifle is no longer available.

This product was available in:
7mm Remington
.270 Winchester
.30-06 Springfield
.25-06 Remington

Mossberg 4×4 Bolt Action Rifle

    • 24” fluted barrel with muzzlebrake & matte blue finish
    • LBA® Adjustable Trigger System
    • Walnut stock with Monte Carlo Cheek Piece (Only right hand available)
    • Weaver-style scope base mounts included
    • Weight: 7 pounds
    • Detachable polymer box magazine
    • Capacity 4+1
    • Magnum caliber capacity: 3+1