Salute to Military Pistol

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Salute to Military Pistol

When you became a warrior, your training provided you with guidelines on how to be the best. Your definition of a warrior is one who defends life, no matter what the circumstances. You’re proud to be involved in something far greater than yourself. You have put your own safety on the line for the freedom of your family, friends, and other fellow Americans. Nothing can ever take that away from you. America doesn’t win a conflict just by technology or weapons, but because of the men and women who’ve served our country. They are the driving force behind the victory and continue to make us proud to be Americans. That’s how you became a “better warrior”, and not just any warrior – an American warrior.

At American Legacy Firearms, we thank you for your strength and courage. Life in the military has an element that is missing from today’s general society. Although you overcome certain challenges on a daily basis, knowing you or a loved one is creating a difference makes everything worthwhile. We truly value the relationship you have with your family and friends. Volunteering to join the military forces justifies appreciation. Our troops and their families deserve recognition for their patriotism. They are human beings, not statistics or numbers. Wear your uniform proudly.

We also want to give our gratitude to the men and women not able to come home as well as those who lost their lives. We still live in the land of the free and the home of the brave because of their sacrifice. It is natural to mourn the loss of a loved one, but we must honor them by being thankful that such brave men and women lived in the first place. Thank you for doing your duty.

No matter what branch of service or rank, the Salute to Military Pistol is made in honor of all who have or still serve in America’s military. Built on a fully-functional Auto-Ordnance 1911A1 .45 ACP, the artwork is engraved on nickel-plated slides with 24 kt. gold-plated accents. Only 100 will be made per state! With your personalization on the right grip, your purchase will be even more meaningful. It will be a lasting heirloom to hand down to the next generation. At American Legacy Firearms, we continue to hope for you or your loved one to safely return home, and we cannot thank you enough for your service. Call and get yours today!


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