The Valor Of Vietnam Rifle

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The Valor of Vietnam Rifle

American Legacy Firearms is honored to present the Valor of Vietnam Rifle! This Ruger Mini-14 has been specifically designed to showcase and honor the men and women who have sweat and bled for their country in the jungle. Whether you were boots on the ground, flying a helicopter, or a supporter back home, every effort delivered in Vietnam is recognized on this rifle. It could have been your or a loved one. This rifle is the ultimate way to show your thanks and let the heroes never be forgotten.

This rifle has been designed with unique bamboo scrollwork framing some of the most iconic scenes of Vietnam. The Ruger Mini-14, chambered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington, exemplifies the use of the M14, carried by many of those who served during the conflict. There are only 20 available per state – one for each year the conflict lasted. Each rifle is uniquely numbered within the dog tags on the right hand side. you also have the option to personalize your Valor of Vietnam Rifle within the left side dog tags. With this option, your family hero can be remembered for generations to come.



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